What we offer

The Charter Management Program was created by Global Exec Aviation for those aircraft owners who want to derive charter income from their aircraft. Global Exec Aviation provides, effective charter marketing services and the charter clients. We help coordinate the flight schedules of both the owner and the charter customers.

If you own your own jet, or are planning to purchase one, our comprehensive aircraft management services offer you a wide range of compelling benefits. You'll enjoy worry-free aircraft ownership, receive substantial management, fuel, and insurance savings, and have the potential to gain additional revenue.

To use your aircraft, all you have to do is pick up the phone. We can manage every aspect of planning and managing your trips, including arranging for fuel, customs, immigration, landing and over-flight permission, flight following and airport reservations, ground transportation, and catering.

Making the program operational is straightforward and uncomplicated. First, the aircraft and its maintenance records are inspected to make sure that all current FAA regulations are met. Once this process has been completed the airplane is ready for charter service.

There's much more, however, to being a Global Exec Aviation management client than the peace of mind that comes with knowing that one's aircraft is in the best possible hands. It's also comforting to know that Global Exec Aviation provides tangible operational economies and efficiencies, as well. The advantage of the company's quantity purchase of aviation services including fuel, fleet insurance programs and pilot training at facilities such as Flight Safety and Simuflite are offered to our clients, quickly adding up to substantial savings.

The Global Exec Aviation Charter Management Program has proved for many owners to be the most practical way to put a major corporate asset to work for them when it's not in use by the company. Global Exec Aviation would be happy to discuss management and charter options if you own or are considering purchasing an aircraft.

  • We maintain the strictest safety standards.
  • We handle billing and guarantee payment.
  • We collect and pay applicable sales, use, and excise taxes.
  • Fleet insurance rates, savings on fuel pricing & FBO services

When you add your aircraft to GEA’s charter fleet we will generate revenue that can significantly reduce your cost of ownership. We handle all the details—including FAA Conformity Inspection, marketing and sales, crewing, flight coordination, and invoicing and remittance.


Let one of our trip experts help you plan a the perfect flight to meet all your needs.